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People throughout Pembroke Pines, Florida, and the surrounding areas flock to Bare Bones BBQ & Jerk to try our delicious smoked BBQ and other sweet and savory menu items. With convenient options available, including catering and take-out, anyone can enjoy our food. Take a look below to find out what others are saying about our BBQ restaurant.

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I have had barbecue from a lot of places in Florida, but I can't say any were memorable. Not surprising, I can take or leave barbecue. It's fun food, which I like and usually eat at gatherings so I have a positive association with it. On the other hand, my hubby loves barbecue, he grew up here (I didn't). So I stumbled upon Bare Bones this morning, and thought I had seen this before. I had. We use a food delivery service and this place is on the list that delivers to us. I never wanted to even look at the menu because the logo is a pig's giant rear and it just made me think no good food here, move on. I never thought that consciously until today. That was it: the pig's ass. So there's that. After reading reviews from people, I thought, well, I can take it or leave it, but hubby will no doubt love it. So, I'd give it a try! We ordered the Baby Bones Meal with brisket, jerk chicken, and baby back ribs. I could only choose 3 sides so I went with mac n cheese, cole slaw and corn on the cob. Hubby loves collard greens, so I added those. I have to say, I enjoyed this meal A LOT. The meat was tender and succulent, especially the brisket. Everything was full of flavor, and having a nice variety of food like that was great. Hubby loved the greens, I am sorry (not sorry), I still don't care for greens. I loved the mac n cheese and the corn. Both were perfect. The slaw was prepared differently than I prefer, but it wasn't bad. I think they make it that way for the sandwiches as to not make them soggy. Just a guess. I found myself stuffed and satisfied. I had concerns that I would get enough food for the money, or that it would be another 'okay' barbecue experience. I'm glad I tried this place out, and thank you, Yelp. Otherwise the pig's ass would have prevailed. 
- Tamela S.

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Delicious smoked BBQ joint that you would never find. Smothered into a shopping center, it replaced a small Chinese takeout location. They smoke their brisket and pork for 12 hours before serving it and it is very noticeable. I had the pork sandwich and is was delicious. Sweet BBQ sauce and pork on a soft yet toasted bun. Sandwich came with coleslaw and potato salad. I don't like coleslaw but the potato salad was very good. I also ordered a side of pork and beans, as well as baked mac and cheese. The pork and beans were good, not great. The mac and cheese was absolutely delicious! I'm a sucker for mac and cheese. So cheesy!

This place is not a sit down restaurant. There is literally one table with two chairs inside. Order to go or delivery only. Overall it was very good quality and flavor for the price. 
- Christian R.

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Odine (I hope I spelled your name right!) is the BEST customer service person I have come across in YEARS. She is so friendly and sweet and took her time to explain everything I asked about -- even though I had to call more than once. I am so happy they utilize Doorstep Delivery! Can't wait until they bring back the flan and key lime pie :o) For today, I look forward to my brisket! Hi*5, Odine! You are awesome! 
- Aemish K.